Reaching a Conclusion, the End to the War on Drugs

It has become far too apparent through this research and that which has been done by so many scholars and ordinary people, that the War on Drugs is not accomplishing its goal of decreasing drug use, but instead has grown to continue racism and a prison industrial complex that this country’s government sits to benefit from.  To borrow the rhetoric of Cameron Stoddart, a columnist for The Raw Story, “ordinary citizens like you and me are losing this war. If our government were losing it, wouldn’t it retreat, call a cease-fire, and end the abomination that it is?” (Stoddart).  Although NAFTA was never meant to aid the transportation of drugs, it has, and “85% of the drugs that come into this country go unnoticed” (Stoddart).

The Drug War Failure

The Drug War Failure

The War on Drugs has hardly solved the problem of drug use in this country, and since it has created an even larger problem, one which allows racism and a ridiculous disparity of opportunity to persist in America, it should be deconstructed.  If just a fraction of the exhorbitant amount of money spent ‘combatting drug use’ in this country went to improving the lives of the impoverished, then a much better service would be done to the people of this country and to the well-being of the future United States as well.  “Educate and rehabilitate, do not humiliate and incarcerate.”

Stoddart, Cameron. “The war on drugs: 21st century prohibition.” The Raw Story. 17 Nov. 2013 <;.


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