2012 – Marijuana Legalized in WA and CO

In a time where marijuana use has never been less contested, Washington and Colorado moved referendums to allow the recreational use of marijuana in-state to adults 21 years and older.  This chart highlights the growing evidence that the War on Drugs just isn’t convincing people of the dangers of drugs and especially the fact that growing evidence has been released that discounts most of the claims made, such as the classification of cannabis as a schedule 1 substance among the ranks of heroin, having zero accepted medical use.

Provided by WhiteHouse.gov

Provided by WhiteHouse.gov

The legalization of marijuana in WA and CO is a milestone for the deconstruction of the War on Drugs and for the shift of mentality towards drugs away from the God-like authority of the government controlling prohibition, to a much more ethically and intellectually inclined opinion of their use.  This event also marks a check to the largely uncontested power of the federal government in driving the War on Drugs and revives the notion of state’s rights in regulating activity within their borders.

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